Open Up is a four-year long cultural project (2020-2023), co-funded by the Creative Europe programme that aims to bring to the surface and promote underrepresented artists, designers, craftspeople and performers located in the seven cities of the partner organisations. It furthermore aims to establish sustainable art practises amongst them, by providing the participants with training and knowledge through the project’s various actions, which include laboratories, workshops, festivals and exhibitions. Open Up intends to empower creators to develop their skills, present their works and create a new business model frameworks, which will enable them to sustain their work even after the end the project.

Open Up combines a powerful group of complementary and multi-disciplinary partners, who through this joint project will build new experiences, offer new opportunities and enhance the careers of creative people across Europe. The consortium consists of the following cultural organisations and academic institutions:
🔹Pierides Foundation (Nicosia, Cyprus)
🔹Publics (Helsinki, Finland)
🔹Université de Picardie Jules Verne (Amiens, France)
🔹University of Thessaly (Volos, Greece)
🔹New Hand Lab (Covilhã, Portugal)
🔹Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain)
🔹Valand Academy of the Gothenburg University (Sweden)