Nicosia, Cyprus – Responsible partner: Pierides Foundation (PF)

Performance Lab:
The laboratory allowed to participants to learn techniques and practices used in the field of live performance: physical theatre practises, vocal work, biography in performance, set and lighting design, sound for performance, dance, visual art performance, theory and research, participatory performance, project marketing and promotion and video and photography documentation. The workshop leader was inviting experienced artists and educators to lead the various classes.

Workshop Leader: Lia Haraki
Dates: Saturdays from January to December 2021 – repeated in 2022
Location: Theatro Polis – OPAP


Design Lab:
A workshop that gave guidance to its participants through the process of industrial design with the final aim of the team collectively creating a marketable product or service, aiming at facilitating and accelerating the social integration process of underrepresented communities in Cyprus (such as immigrants and refugees). It was concentrated on testing and further developing the above potential product and services prototypes, by hosting meetings and trials.

Workshop Leader: Constantinos Economides
Dates and Location: April-July 2021,  October to December 2021, April to June 2022
Location: Art Hub at NiMAC


Visual Arts Lab – Printmaking: Silkscreen & Photo Etching:
An introduction to different applications of digital process and photography application in contemporary printmaking. The lab was designed to further develop and enrich the participants’ skills, broaden their knowledge and expertise and eventually allow them to present their work to the public through new technologies. Participants had access to local professional printmaking facilities and were able to work independently after a period of introduction and mentoring.

Workshop Leader: Efklides Papadopoulos
Dates:  May to November 2021 – Repeated in 2022
Location: Art Hub at NiMAC


Fashion Lab:
The aim of this project is for the group of participants to get to know materials and learn new processes of designing and creating from scratch new products and presenting these with the prospect of creating a new personal clothing and accessories line, and marketing this. Participants entered a European network of artists and professional trainers and they have the opportunity to make connections in Cyprus and abroad. 

Workshop Leader: Mikaella Kasinou
Dates and Location: October 2022- April 2023
Location: Art Hub at NiMAC