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2022: DESIGN LAB – Sustainable Social Interaction

The workshop looked on to develop potential products or services of various forms and applications, according to the participants’ skills. The aim was to create the foundation of social interactions between refugees and local communities and to support the first’s smooth integration with the latter.

Constantinos Economides –

Constantinos Economides is a member of the DRAW Collective (2012-2018), ME Design Studio, set up with Daniel Meyer in Germany in 2016, and ΦΧΨ Heritage Design, a collective that focuses on the creation of objects and installations, influenced by local topography and heritage. In parallel to this, he has his own studio in Nicosia which focuses on the design of interiors, objects and furniture.

Dates: 20,21  & 22 October 2022
Location: ArtHub at NiMAC, Nicosia, Cyprus.


*Νο participation fee.
*The workshop was open to OPEN UP to participants of any age (18+) and no prior knowledge or ability is required.
*Travel and accommodation expenses were covered by the Open Up project.