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2022: PARAHOSTING laboratory


The PARAHOSTING laboratory by PUBLICS as part of Open Up project has been functioning since 2021 in the format of listening and reading sessions, hosted by local organisations in Finland. The goal of this laboratory was to reimagine and rethink the spaces of learning. Three ‘Rant & Rave’ listening sessions during Open Up and Shape symposium in Helsinki on June 9th and 10th, 2022 , it took place in the form of public ranting and raving, with a follow-up summary offered by a critical respondent. Each session was dedicated to urgent questions, formulated locally by small and medium-size organisations, many of which are run by people with migrant backgrounds. The three-day symposium is organised by PUBLICS (Open Up partner) and Kohta, with the support of Frame Contemporary Art Finland and the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

The whole symposium, was taking place both at PUBLICS and at Kohta, is focused around three key thematics:

  • Institutional reimagining and future publics • Infrastructure of power, and (re-)distribution • Money, class and access

The listening sessions and the symposium were open to all interested participants, who are not required to present anything themselves. As the symposium themes suggest, attending the event was primarily beneficial for people interested in organising, instituting, and thinking of collaborations differently.

The Symposium language was English.

Dates: 9–10 June 2022
What: Open Up and Shape Helsinki Symposium, ‘Rant & Rave’ listening sessions Where: Helsinki, Finland
PUBLICS, Sturenkatu 37-41 4b
Kohta, Työpajankatu 2 B, Building 7, 3rd Floor
Participants: Local organisations run by professionals with migrant background in Helsinki, small and medium-sized cultural organisations in Finland, everyone listed on SHAPE, Open Up laboratories’ participants from other countries
Format: Keynotes, panel discussions, free-format short presentations

*Νο participation fee.
*The workshop was open OPEN UP to participants of any age (18+) and no prior knowledge or ability is required.
*Travel and accommodation expenses were covered by the Open Up project.