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2022: TRANSNATIONAL LABORATORY “Multimedia Workshop”

This two-day event comprehended a multimedia workshop and a guided tour through the city. It was planned, for the first day, a guided tour through Covilhã that aimed to explore some particularities of the city-mountain, such as the proximity of Serra da Estrela, the textile industrial past and the urban art itinerary. During the workshop on the next day, it was intended that each participant explored and presented its own perception of the surrounding space in a contemporary, creative and spontaneous way, for which they had to use, guided by a mentorship, the video camera and other apps of their own mobile phones.

The surrounding space included the whole building of New Hand Lab, one of the oldest and biggest wool factories of the city (10 000 m2), nowadays inhabited, among the presence of big factory machines, by artists, art pieces and installations, individual or collective, cultural events and so on. At the time of this workshop, there was also an exhibition of the final projects of the participants in previous local Open Up laboratories.

Trainers: Tiago Fernandes
Dates: 4-5/11/2022
Location: New Hand Lab, Covilhã. Portugal

*Νο participation fee.
*The workshop was open OPEN UP to participants of any age (18+) and no prior knowledge or ability is required.
*Travel and accommodation expenses were covered by the Open Up project.