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The activity Theatre of the oppressed, which will take place in March 2022, consists of a masterclass, a three-day workshop, and a one-day festival. The vulnerability of bodies appears fiercely during migration. In the transitions, people on the move take strictly what is understood as indispensable, setting up a pragmatic set of values for the transit. The guiding principle is keeping the body alive. This must be an ongoing assessment during the transit, as quick decisions must be taken in order to survive. In this specific context, dress acquires unexpected uses and meanings, breaking the established role of clothes within the closed framework of fashion. Clothes can act as the ultimate form of shelter and the last material remaining of cultural identity. Or even the last memory/remaining of a lost loved one. Transition dress is a reflective exercise about migration from the embodied memory that can take interdisciplinary formats. The aim will be to make a sensorial and inner journey to the migration/transition personal experiences through/as of and focused on the dress.

Supervisor: Fiona Capdevila
Dates: February, final week 27 to 3 (days to be confirmed)
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