“SEED AND FEED CANTEEN” transnational laboratory workshop 

What could be a way of multicultural dialogue to get to know everyday practices? The “Seed & Feed Canteen” workshop is a workshop where participants will share cooking recipes from their land. A mobile kitchen will be the common place for dialogue, materials and recipes exchange and also multicultural experiences. The laboratory starts with the construction of a theoretical substrate to quickly pass the test part and materials management. The Open Up UTH canteen has as luggage the public furniture of the “Domestic Assemblage” workshop and the goods of the Open Up UTH “Urban Garden” and becomes the meeting point for the ideas of assembly, joint work, manual work and cultural exchange through the food process.


Dates: 29 & 30 September 2022
Location: Department of Architecture, Volos, Greece
Deadline for applying: 20/8/2022

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*The workshop is open to participants of any age and no prior knowledge or ability is needed.
Participation is free of charge.

*Travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by the
Open Up project.