This two-day event comprehends a tufting workshop and a guided tour through the city. This workshop aims to present the different phases of the tufting technique, from the drawing on the canvas to the final sculpting of the piece, to raise interest and curiosity about the creative possibilities of this textile technique. It will also take a conversation with local artists and a tryout of all the previously presented stages. Appropriate materials will be provided for each one of them. The workshop takes place in New Hand Lab, one of the oldest and biggest wool factories of the city (10 000 m2), nowadays inhabited, among the presence of big factory machines, by artists, art pieces and installations, individual or collective, cultural events, and so on. It is planned, for the next day, a guided tour through Covilhã that aims to explore some particularities of the city mountain, such as the proximity of Serra da Estrela, the textile industrial past, and the urban art itinerary.

Ana Paula Almeida and Miguel Gigante

Dates: 15-17/05/2023
Location: New Hand Lab, Covilhã. Portugal
Deadline for applying: 28/02/2023

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