Consortium’s Meeting – October 2020

The Open Up consortium came together online and discussed the progress made so far: each partner has finished their National Report, we have finalized the Compiled Report (which will be available online soon), we have created the project’s Visual Identity, various templates and our website and social media pages. Furthermore, we have been working on developing our Open Calls and selection criteria for the participants of the Laboratories. The next steps include the dissemination of those Open Calls, the selection process of participants and the initiation of the Labs in 2021. Due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, Plan B and C were discussed, which include Hybrid (online and in-person) and Online versions of the laboratories, which each partner will examine based on their national situations and their local health and safety regulations. No matter what the laboratories’ final form will be, the consortium, the workshop leaders and specialists, will ensure that they will run smoothly and that the participants will gain the maximum opportunities and learning outcomes.