Covid-19 Crisis – April 2020

Having a project entitled Open Up, at a time when the world seems to be closing down due to the Covid-19 outbreak, may sound contradictory, but essentially, it is a suggestion for a change in our perceptions and understandings of what we deemed as “the other”, of what we considered remote and irrelevant, of what we thought important for our personal and collective well-being.

In times of crisis like this one, we ought to invest in imagining and fighting for a society of inclusivity, where culture has a crucial part to play, in order to be able to transcend away from the feelings of insecurity and fear.

Since Open Up explores culture’s role in tracing new paths for creative dialogue and interconnection amongst different societies and groups of people across the European Union, its role now is more relevant than ever.

We may be stuck behind closed doors, but we can still Open Up our hearts and look after each-other, until the world can Open Up again as a whole.

We wish strength to all of you and your families.