UTH’s Domestic Assemblage Lab begins on the 25th of January 2021.

ABOUT Domestic Assemblage: 

At first the world could be conceived as a patchwork of materials available for the human constructed world. Then this eternal process of construction and metabolism of the natural world provided one already used, material world, full of things, that have been destroyed or haven’ t yet. In anthropocene period the material world transformed into a world of things.

The workshop explores how everyday life is shaped by the use of functional objects, supporting the idea that objects affect the ritual (efficiency) of everyday life. The projects aim at analysis, conception and introduction of both objects and performance of everyday life. In the workshop, the participants are invited to design and make objects for everyday (their) life, activating a list of materials from our common culture, using simple mechanical tools, low-tech processes and specific methods design. The objective of the workshop is to develop research on various possibilities about the design and the production of objects, schedules and actions for everyday life and the activation of home space for both accommodation and work (from home). The recent one technologies, the software development and manufacturing techniques, allows designers,architects and artists to conceive and construct works and products without the need for long and expensive industrial production lines.

The workshop focuses on transformation with reuse, with practices DIY (Do It Yourself) and the Assemblage method. Participants will be invited to modify or recreate a useful object of its space of his / her residence. The product of the laboratory will produce a useful condition in his/her home. Finally, it will be interesting to develop ingenuity and ability in design and construct small-scale objects, as well as the communication and promotion of one household, utility product.