‘Gothenburg Art-Publishing Workshop’ in Gothenburg, Sweden

October 14, 2022 - October 15, 2022
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The two-day workshop was focussed on publishing – both print and digital – also introduces the idea of
digital presence management, 28 participants across the 7 cities attended and they have the chance to discuss…

• How is the art, design and craft publishing market structured?
• What are the purposes of publishing as an independent creative arts or small cooperative?
• How does self-publishing work?
• From zines to brochures to blogs: What formats are possible with “no budget” and “small
budget” independent publishing?
• What are the analogue print and digital print and online publishing alternatives?

They worked with different skills: editing, imaging, designing, layout, distributio. Two weeks after the workshop there is an optional deadline for those who wish to develop a specific publishing project.Also, they had a one-to-one mentoring programme will be provided to any participant who comes up with a specific proposal that is seen to have potential by the workshop team.

Kjell Caminha, Esme Lindström
Dr. Nuno Sacramento,
Dr. Eva Weinmayr
Prof. Mick Wilson

Dates: Friday 14th October and 15th October
Location: Hdk-Valand Academy, Gothenburg, Sweden
Format: Presentations, Skills Audit, Break-out groups, Idea development and post-workshop one-to-one mentoring

The two-day event was part of a four-day gathering of art publishers in Gothenburg (12 October to 15
October) and specialists on small scale and independent publishing, as well as the online platforms
PARSE, L’Internationale Online and major publishing houses.





October 14, 2022
October 15, 2022