For a year now we have been living at home in terms of inclusion. At the same time remote work from home has turned the house into an office, a workshop, a gym, a restaurant, a garden. The condition of turning the house into a workplace has come to stay, it is a universally new condition, which change the house into a host of the sum of our activities, our whole life. The house-factory creates new practices and habits, our home culture changes. This gives the opportunity to trace and invent new living practices with self-isolation, solidarity and sharing knowledge and materials among residents. The Home Gardening workshop, on the one hand, will open a discussion forum on the subject of our relationship with the plant world, home cultivation, gardening and plant parenting practices for each participant of the workshop. In relation to the botanical paradigm in artistic practices, ideas will be presented from the field of art and environmental activism. Participating in this workshop will undertake the opportunity to discuss and produce new micro-environment plants in every participant’s home. At the end of this workshop the ambition is to form a critical approach-by-practice to the  stereotypical household standards. The house can be expected to host new practices of domestic production instead of consuming ready made products shipped by afar. As new domestic skills and practices arise, the metabolism of household life rely on the hands of the inhabitants.