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Mick Wilson

Mick Wilson is an artist, educator and researcher based in Gothenburg and Dublin, and is currently Professor of Art and Director of doctoral studies, at Hdk-Valand, University of Gothenburg.  Current research interests include questions of: political community with the dead; the political imaginaries of foodways; curatorial practice and exhibition-making; and the rhetorical forms of knowledge conflict.  Recent essays include: “Contentious Subjects: Constructionism and the Project of Higher Arts Education” in B. Tangney et al. (eds.) Constructionism 2020, TCD, 2020; “White Mythologies and Epistemic Refusals: “Teaching Artistic Research Through Institutional Conflict”, in R. Mateus-Berr & R. Jochum (eds.) Teaching Artistic Research, De Gruyter, 2020; “Living the Coming Death”, in M. Hlavajova and W. Maas (eds.) Propositions for Non-Fascist Living, Tentative and Urgent, MIT Press, 2019; “What Is to Be Done? Negations in the Political Imaginary of the Interregnum”, S. H. Madoff (ed.) What about Activism? Sternberg Press, 2019.  Co-edited volumes include: Curating After the Global (MIT Press, 2019); Public Enquiries: PARK LEK and the Scandinavian Social Turn (BDP, 2018); How Institutions Think (MIT Press, 2017); The Curatorial Conundrum (MIT Press, 2016); Curating Research, Open Editions/De Appel (2014); SHARE Handbook for Artistic Research Education, ELIA (2013); and Curating and the Educational Turn, Open Editions/De Appel (2010). He is responsible for the annual Art & Politics summer course at Hdk-Valand.