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Vassia Liri

Vassia Liri was born in Athens (1980). She is an architect with Master in Architec- tural Design (UTH) and a PhD candidate at the Department of Architecture, Uni- versity of Thessaly [HFRI scholarship]. She has participated in several architectural and artistic research projects, workshops, group exhibitions and competitions. She co-organized laboratory seminars (“Working Shells I, II & III”) for the Postgrad- uate Program “Post Industrial Design” at Department of Architecture UTH. She worked as assistant set designer in theater performances for the National Theatre of Greece, Athens & Epidaurus Festival, Greek Art Theatre Karolos Koun and more. She was a teaching assistant at the Department of Architecture UTH. Her research focuses on the study of theatrical performance’s “structure”, documentation of backstage activities and theoretical approaches on voluntary confinement and solitary habitation.