UAB’s Fusion Cooking Lab!

The activity Fusion Cooking, which will take place in March 2021, consists of a masterclass, a three-day workshop, and a one-day festival. It will explore the aesthetic and communicative dimension of gastronomy from the standpoint of the plating process. Combining an indisciplined socratic methodology with learning by doing, the relationship between “major” senses and “minor” senses will be analyzed from architecture, visual arts and design. Then,

theoretical and practical models of plating will be put forward as a tool to subvert the hierarchical aesthetics of the senses. The participants will have the chance to explore different creative processes, from pencil drawing to digital constructions. This “everything goes” experience from a culturally embedded perspective will give rise to a dish that will be presented in the final festival in any desired format – from cooking to photography and creative writing. Participation is encouraged to anyone interested in experimentation and play within gastronomy, to anyone who wants to explore alternative ways to plant creatively in it – including cooks, waiters, restaurant owners, restaurant keepers, photographers and food designers between others.


Supervisor : David Casacuberta 

Mentoring team: Marco Bellonzi and Neil Harbisson