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Arthub at NiMac Nicosia, Cyprus

Subcontractor: Danai Anagnostou based in Finland; co-founder of Kenno film ( in collaboration with artist Lia Haraki. Proposed work: They will release an open call for participants/performers, who will create seven separate short videos (up to 7-min long) who have experienced the Open Up project in any of the partner countries. These videos will be […]

“Design Lab: Sustainable Social Interaction” transnational laboratory in Nicosia,Cyprus

Arthub at NiMac Nicosia, Cyprus

 During the workshop, participants looked to develop potential products or services of various forms and applications, according to the participants’ skills. The aim was to create the foundation of social interactions between refugees and local communities and to support the first’s smooth integration with the latter. Leader -  Constantinos Economides – Constantinos Economides is a […]

Fashion Lab: Traditional Craft in Contemporary Context – transnational laboratory – Nicosia,Cyprus

Arthub at NiMac Nicosia, Cyprus

Description The aim of this workshop was to explore the possibilities of sustainability in fashion by learning about traditional crafts and transferring them into new forms. The 10 participants visited the Cyprus Handicraft Centre, in order to learn and explore the traditional clothing, handicrafts, and more of Cyprus.  For the rest of the workshop participants […]

Performance Lab: IntuNition Physical Ritual and Repetitive Poetry, transnational laboratory in Nicosia,Cyprus

Arthub at NiMac Nicosia, Cyprus

In this practice, participants learned to tune-in to one’s own universe in its present state and manifest it physically in an effort of no effort. This way the mental, emotional, physical and metaphysical bodies we all have, will be coexisting and co-creating on the spot.  Leader- Lia Haraki –  Lia is a contemporary performance artist, […]

Visual Arts Lab (Printmaking): Print across Cyprus transnational laboratory

Arthub at NiMac Nicosia, Cyprus

  The Print Across CY 3-day workshop aimed to introduce Cyprus landscape through a field trip to Famagusta, connect participants with the environment as well as to one another, to encourage them to develop collaborations through conversation,  photographing, sketching, and collecting examples. Leader - Efklides Papadopoulos –  Studied Fine and Graphic Arts in South Africa, […]

Entrepreneurship workshop for the Creative and Cultural Sector transnational laboratory, in Nicosia,Cyprus

Arthub at NiMac Nicosia, Cyprus

  The workshop´s aim was to support participants in the business development of their projects or ideas and the enhancement of their entrepreneurial mindset and skills. Different business models were discussed as well as ways to commercialise their creative work successfully.    Trainer Dr Celia Hadjichristodoulou  Celia is the Founder and Managing Director of GrantXpert […]