‘Ornaments and micro-sculpture in perspective’ – in Amiens, France


This laboratory will aim to revisit ancient techniques of weaving and 3D printing. Rehabilitating the old techniques while using the most advanced technologies today the artist wishes to show that the creation could be within the range of all. The participants are invited to find imaginative practices and creative structures, with the final aim of making micro sculptures as improvised jewellery. They will use raw and ecologically friendly materials such as paper, clay, plasticine, cardboard, polystyrene, building materials and recycled materials, variety of weaving materials. Initially, they will make small models that serve the main idea and then scan them and convert them to 3D format so that they can then be printed on a 3D printer.


Theodoulos Gregoriou,born in Malounda, Cyprus, in 1956. He received a scholarship from UNESCO and studied painting at the Institute de Arte Plastice N. Grigorescu, Bucharest, Romania [1976-1981]. He then received a scholarship from the French Government for residence at the Cité International des Arts and studied at the École des Beaux Arts, Paris, France [1986-1987]. He lives and works in Cyprus and Paris. His participation in the Venice Biennale (Aperto 1990) was the beginning of a significant presence in the international art scene. He has created monumental works in public spaces in Cyprus, France and Greece.


Workshop’s planning:
1. Introduction to 3D design and the use of 3D printers for micro sculpture and
2. Familiarization with simple 3D design programs and preparation for printing
3. Parallel free exercises for improvised objects – jewellery / micro-sculptures, using
handmade techniques. This will be followed by scanning and conversion to STL – (stereography) for printing on a 3D printer.

Dates: November 30th to December 2nd 2022
Location: University of Picardie Jules Verne and frac Picardie (Amiens-France)
Deadline for applying:  30th of October 2022

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*The workshop is open to participants of any age (over 18) and no prior knowledge or ability is needed. Participation is free of charge.

*Travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by the Open Up project.