Transnational Laboratoriesimg

The OU Transnational Laboratories aim to promote the mobility of underrepresented artists, as well as professionals, to enable the transnational and international activity and co-operation of the OU participants and other artists and to boost and internationalise the latter’s careers. The scope is for each partner institution to organise a series of transnational laboratories within the duration of the programme.

These workshops will contribute to raise awareness regarding the role of young creative people in modern European societies; promote the transnational circulation of cultural and creative works; “connect” artists, performers, designers and crafts people from disadvantaged and under-privileged urban areas across Europe. Finally OU workshops will create and develop a network of people and platforms, thus facilitating the interaction of creative individuals, from a wide variety of disciplines, and creating a dynamic community networking at European level.

Pierides Foundation (Nicosia, Cyprus)

Publics (Helsinki, Finland)

Université de Picardie Jules Verne (Amines, France)

University of Thessaly (Volos, Greece)

Valand Academy (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain)

New Hand Lab (Covilhã, Portugal)